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Welcome Back


Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year.  Last year Covid 19 abruptly ended the school year and NMS teachers adjusted quickly to deliver instruction through a distance learning model.  This year is bringing a new sets of challenges as we are going to begin the 2020-2021 school using a distance learning model.  NUSD is going to use Pearson Connexus as our online learning platform.  Pearson Connexus offers a wide range of courses for grades K-12.


In order to ensure the highest level of education for all students, NUSD has purchased Chromebooks for all students.  These Chromebooks are already formatted with a special program that will help track attendance for each student.  It is important every student is accounted for and completes a minimum of 240 minutes a day of learning.  Every student needs to pick up their school laptop from Needles High School.  If you have any further questions about this please contact NMS at 760-326-3894.




NMS Welcomes Dr. Nicolle Wilson as Assistant Principal


Needles Middle School is excited to announce that Dr. Nicolle Wilson has joined the NMS staff as the Assistant Principal.  Dr. Wilson brings over 15 years or educational background which includes teaching a variety of grades K-12, instructional coaching, and working as a reading RTI teacher.  Dr. Wilson will have an office located on the NMS campus.  As always if there is an issue we always ask for you to address your child’s teacher first, but know Dr. Wilson’s office is always open if you have any issues or concerns.  If you need to reach Dr. Wilson you may contact the middle school office and set up a meeting or email her at


Letter from Dr. Wilson

Parents and Students,

Great job as we are all adjusting to this year’s distance learning format.  There has been some challenges along the way, but overall our students and teachers have been working extremely hard.  A few reminders: live instruction is mandatory for students. If students are going to miss live instruction please send a text message or call the teacher to let them know.  Also, to ensure all students are engaged in the learning we do request that student cameras stay on so teachers are able to monitor student learning. All student work does need to be completed by end of week to earn credit.
Dr. Wilson


Distance Learning

Students and staff have been using a few different platforms as we began this school year.  NMS has introduced Google Classroom, Moby Max, and Newsela as 3 platforms to assist in student learning.  To keep everything consistent we are using the same username and password for all platforms.  Students do need to follow directions closely as teachers have noticed a few students not being successful at logging in at times. 

As a way to assist our students we have also created take home learning bags equipped with supplies students will need to be successful.  Each bag has a spiral notebook for learning, graphing notebook for math, pencils, earbuds with a microphone, and a student planner.  We hope these tools will help each student be successful with their online learning.

Finally, if a student is going to miss a live instruction, please text or call the teacher.  Communication is important to make this platform as successful as possible.  A staff directory is on the back.

Parents and Students,

Needles Middle School wants to thank everyone for working so diligently with us during this first quarter.  There were many challenges we all faced, but through it all we were able to endure and find success.  Many students are excelling as we continue to work virtually and others are struggling.  We understand the struggle and continue to remind both parents and students to stay connected with us and communicate.  Our staff wants to see all students succeed and will guide this process every way possible.


Dr. Wilson 


Reopening Plans

  Needles USD has been granted a waiver for both elementary schools to reopen starting at the end of October.  The state currently does not have a wavier process for middle or high schools at this time. 

The state has a plan that outlines once our county is in the red tier on the states COVID dashboard for two consecutive weeks we will be able to phase our middle and high school students back on campus.  Needles Middle School is currently creating plans for when we do reach this so we are prepared and have a plan in place. Once we reach the red tier Dr. Wilson will announce this in an all call and start contacting families. 

 Please visit our district’s website for the reopening plans and any other additional information.

November/December Newsletter 

Parents and Students,

Needles Middle School wants to thank our parents and students for the strong start we have had in these unprecedent times. We understand that the transition to online learning has been a difficult one but having constant communication with the school makes the process easier.  The teachers at Needles Middle School are still holding high expectations for all students but with an understanding that these times are difficult.  If your student is struggling please reach out to their teachers for support.


Dr. Nicolle Wilson

Pearson Update

This quarter we have dove fully into Pearson, our online curriculum. Teachers are working daily in Pearson and doing a lot of tutorials and online demonstrations during class times.  We can not stress how important it is for students to log in daily to live instruction so they can get the information they need from their teachers.   

Students also have access to live tutor from Pearson.  Live tutor is where there are certified teachers available to support students.  The times for these are 6am-3pm for English, Social Studies, and Science.  6am-5pm for Math.  There is a tutorial on how to access live tutor on the district’s website under the distance learning tab. You can also find the tutorial on the NMS website. 

January Newsletter

Parents and Students,

Happy New Year! As we enter into the second half of our school year, I want to take a minute to first thank our community for their continued support. We know this has been a difficult year, especially having to stay on distance learning.  We are so proud of our students that have continued to work hard every day and challenge themselves in reaching new goals regardless of where the learning has taken place!  I challenge all students to set new goals this semester and push yourself as we dive into learning!


Dr. Nicolle Wilson

2nd Semester Changes

As we dive into a new semester, there have been some changes that have we hope will help students in their education while on distance learning. Our 7th period class, which was traditionally Exploratory has been changed to “Study Hall”.  This course will have mandatory attendance for any student that has failed any core class during quarter 2. Students that did not fail a course will be required on Mondays to check in but will not need to attend the rest of the week.  A check at progress report time will be done and students failing any course will continue to have to attend 7th period. Students who are passing all classes will have to check in on Mondays, but won’t need to attend the rest of the week.  Our goal is that students who are struggling will be able to get some additional support.  All teachers will continue to hold their afternoon office hours for any student needing extra help or support. It is our hope, all students continue to take advantage of all the different levels of support we have put into place.   


8th Grade Promotion:

Due to the current situation we do not know what this year’s promotion ceremony will look like, but we are committed to having something special for our students, regardless of what that looks like.  As we begin Semester 2, I wanted to remind parents and students of the guidelines for our 8th graders to participate in the promotion ceremony. The student handbook outlines the promotion requirements as:

  1. Maintain appropriate behavior. (No suspensions long term or suspension last 4 weeks of school)
  2. GPA must not be below cumulative 1.5 GPA

We will be adhering to these requirements.